Story Time 90 – Vote 1 Maxwell Sheffield

It's Story Time, our weekly walk through cricket history via your listener quiz challenges. This week, what a show this turned out to be. The Lion King returns, as does The Nanny, a fair bit of karaoke, Morticia Addams, some of the nerdiest areas that TFW listeners have ever led us to, and the missing Bowen Big Mango. Plus the wildest coincidence in the history of this show. Tune in. Your Nerd Pledge numbers this week: 2.00 - Jonathon 3.62 - Bharat Agarwal 5.27 - Alex Brown 3.27 - Steve Lofthouse 5.18 - David Nicholls 2.04 - Vivek Arcot 5.26 - Simon McInerney 3.70 - Samuel Chappell Send us a Nerd Pledge at Find other episodes at Revisits: Owen, Edward Edgcumbe, George Pearson, Josh Goleby, Duncan Davies, Elliott Diamond, Chris Beattie, Matt May. 20% off primo bats with the code TFW20 The Final Word is part of the Bad Producer Podcast Network Title track by Urthboy Support the show: See for privacy information.

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