Cycling, Causes a Creativity: Four Women in Bangalore Share Their Stories

Sometimes we need to rethink why we do things, and ironically take a step back in order to move forward.Having been a fan of cycling since the pandemic began, a fan of outdoor activities and an expert of ten years of Bangalore Traffic, I decided to chat with the folks at @BengaluruMoving to hear from a few ladies about their transport journey in the city. Remember, sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.  And how you travel can be as important as where you travel to! For more info:1. Facebook -  @BengaluruMoving ( 2. Twitter - @BengaluruMoving ( 3- Youtube - Bengaluru Moving   ( BirdyNumNum YouTube Channel: Social Media: Website: Follow Sanjay on Facebook: Connect on Instagram: RT and Follow on Twitter: Gear I use: Amazon (INDIA) Zoom Recorder: Microphone: Camera I advise for beginners : Camera I advise after a few years: Lens on Guest: Amazon (USA) Zoom Recorder: Shure SM58: Camera I advise for beginners: Camera I advise after a few years: Earlier Engineering a Motivation Videos: Anu Aunty the Engineering Anthem: Why You You Think You're Sad Doing Engineering: Plan to Fail: Do Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last? : Why I ENGINEER (Advice for Graduates) : Earlier Dating Advice Videos: 5 INDIAN TINDER TIPS (FOR WOMEN): Earlier IT Guy Music Videos: IT Guy 3.0: the Diwali Remix IT Guy 4.0: the Final Remix IT Guy 5.0: the Onshore Remix IT Girl 1.0:the WOMEN IN TECH MIX: Support the show (

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