Mental Health When You're Probably Not Depressed

Depression is definitely real, but what to do when you know you probably don't have it, but feel really hopeless and frustrated anyways? Sanjay discussed mental health for those who may not realize we need to update our minds daily the way we update everything else. BirdyNumNum YouTube Channel: My comedy sketches and standup on SanjayComedy YouTube please do the needful and review on iTunes: kindly do the needful and review on Stitcher: review and listen on Spotify: review or listen on Google: Social Media: Website: Follow Sanjay on Facebook: Connect on Instagram: RT and Follow on Twitter: Gear I use: Amazon (INDIA) Zoom Recorder: Microphone: Camera I advise for beginners : Camera I advise after a few years: Lens on Guest: Amazon (USA) Zoom Recorder: Shure SM58: Camera I advise for beginners: Camera I advise after a few years: Earlier Engineering a Motivation Videos: Anu Aunty the Engineering Anthem: Why You You Think You're Sad Doing Engineering: Plan to Fail: Do Nice Guys REALLY Finish Last? : Why I ENGINEER (Advice for Graduates) : Earlier Dating Advice Videos: 5 INDIAN TINDER TIPS (FOR WOMEN): Earlier IT Guy Music Videos: IT Guy 3.0: the Diwali Remix IT Guy 4.0: the Final Remix IT Guy 5.0: the Onshore Remix IT Girl 1.0:the WOMEN IN TECH MIX: Support the show (

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