The Martial Way 武道 | BJJ Meditation #007

???? Welcome to The Jits Guy, The Middle East’s Premier Source of Jiu Jitsu a Talent???? We sometimes label our practices without fully understanding the impact that label may have on how we perceive our endeavor. For practitioners of "Martial Arts" I wanted to take a deeper look into the roots of our labelling and the purpose behind them. From historical combat forms, to Chinese "arts" and, finally, Japanese Martial Way(s). We can see a clear shift in philosophical perspective as humans became more civilized and globalized. Combat went from a niche practice reserved for those that required it due to their occupation, to a luxury that we train for more than just its physical purpose.The problem arises, then, when we view them as an art and solely rely on them for their philosophical or spiritual value. While effective in that department, it renders the martial or physical aspect weak. This compromises the efficacy of the art which we have seen happen to many combat forms throughout history.This meditation looks at the reasons for the development of these labels and how people in the West may not be deriving the full intent of the creators of these combat forms due to a labelling limitation.Stay Sharp,OSS???? LIKE a SUBSCRIBE - TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS TO GET THE LATEST CONTENT! ???? [ SPONSOR: RISE 'N GLIDE ]???? Website | Instagram | Facebook | |[THE JITS GUY]???? Website | Instagram | Facebook | |[For Business Inquiries or Sharing News / Events:]???? #thejitsguy #bjjmotivation

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