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Tim Pharoah’s approach to placemaking evolves and continues to be ahead of its time. Tim Pharoah MSc, MCILT, MCIHT, MTPS is a transport and urban planning consultant with more than 40 years experience of transport and land use planning, street design and urban regeneration. He provides specialist advice on a wide range of urban issues, and disseminates experience through lectures and training events. Before becoming an independent consultant he worked in local authorities, private consultancies, and the academic sector. He is a keen advocate of planning for vibrant urban communities through integrated accessibility and public realm design and speed management. He has always perceived mass private motorised transport as a serious threat to urban quality of life, and consistently argued and worked for the prioritisation of modes that are urban-compatible. He was closely involved in the fight against urban motorway proposals in London and Edinburgh in the early 1970s, and has promoted traffic limitation ever since. He has been involved in over 150 widely varying projects including the design of specific places, areas and town plans, and regional and national policy studies. In addition to involvement in projects in the UK and other countries, he has managed, authored or contributed to a number of national best practice guides and reports, including the award-winning Manual for Streets (DfT, 2007) and Traffic Calming Guidelines (Devon County Council, 1991). Tim has a wide knowledge of international best practice, and makes effective use of this in projects in the UK and elsewhere.

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