The UX Designer Salary Talk

Episode 38 Show Notes:   It’s time to have the UX Designer Salary Talk. In this episode, I reveal everything you need to know about getting the UX Salary you want. I go over my tips for getting the salary I desired and how you can have the same results. We also discuss the 16 signs that you may be underpaid. This episode is excellent for those looking for a script for how to negotiate a salary or ask for a raise/promotion.   Mentions:   CareerContessa, GIMME Method - Raise Template Raise Worksheet by The Muse Resources to compare job salaries in your area:   Indeed   Glassdoor   Hire Black Radical Transparency   PayScale   Comparably Salary related articles:   Business Insiders, Signs you’re being underpaid   NYTimes: Why you should tell your coworkers your salary   HR Dive: Salary history ban Stats for racial bias in tech workplace:   Wired, Five Years of Tech Diversity Reports—Little Progress   Trust Radius, 2020 People of Color in Tech Report   Computer World - ChartHop   Today’s sponsor, Google Design, produces original content like articles and videos to show how Google’s products come to life—and to inspire designers everywhere. Head over to to get inspired.   Podcast Info:   Transcripts available on episode web page.   Listen on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and Spotify.   RSS feed:   Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review if you like what you hear. Announcements: Join the UI Narrative Email Club to be the first to hear about weekly blog posts and exclusive podcast recaps. You can sign up at   Want to become a Product Designer? Or need a portfolio review? Learn more at   Let’s Connect: Have a question for me? Email me at   Let’s connect! #uinarrative Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn @uinarrative Twitter @uinarrativeco

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