How Teams Can Be More Productive with Psychological Safety | Abadesi Osunsade, Hustle Crew

Episode 37 Show Notes:   Abadesi and I talk about whether it's worth staying at a company to advocate for inclusion and diversity. She also offers advice to help with building up your self-confidence.   "Each of us as individuals almost has to apply certain frameworks to help us process the environment that we're in and help us decide around if this an environment that you genuinely believe is moving in the direction you want it to or is this an environment that's stagnating or that's even opposed to like being more inclusive, being more progressive?" - Abadesi Osunsade   Mentions:   Abadesi’s Book: Dream Big. Hustle Hard. The Millennial Woman’s Guide to Success in Tech   Social links:   Websites: Hustle Crew Techish Podcast      ------ Today’s sponsor, Google Design, produces original content like articles and videos to show how Google’s products come to life—and to inspire designers everywhere. Head over to to get inspired.

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