Episode 20: When a country mandate includes climate language: lessons from UNSOM

In this episode, we discover what happens when the UN includes climate and environmental risks into a country mandate. Somalia is one of the first political missions to have climate and environmental language included in its mandate – and language has power. 
As a result, Somalia is the ground for several climate initiatives, ranging from risk assessment to capacity-building. One of the most pioneer initiatives includes the introduction of a Climate Security Advisor – the first of its kind in the UN system, a role fulfilled by this episode’s guest Christophe Hodder.

For an overview of the activities and initiatives UNSOM has implemented in order to address the links between climate change, environment and conflict, access: https://adelph.it/UNSOMclim

For an overview of projected climate parameters and related impacts on different sectors from now until 2080, access: https://adelph.it/WRSomalia

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