SFS 067: The Fear of Making Decisions (And How to Conquer It)

Life consists of making decisions, small and big, every day. If you have fear or difficulty making decisions, it can cripple and inhibit your ability to accomplish your goals and be happy. WHY do so many people fear making decisions? The main reason is they fear making the WRONG decision. But that's not even the real fear. Today, I talk about what really drives the fear, and give you 6 keys for becoming good at making decisions. Episode highlights: The 4 fears underlying the fear of making the wrong decision The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it is to make decisions Making decisions is about YOUR values and knowing what’s good for you Why knowing the HIERARCHY of your values makes making decisions much easier Making decisions is an art AND a science Focus on making the best choice rather than avoiding making the wrong one How a quote from a rock song can relieve your anxiety about making decisions An EMPOWERING way to think about decisions Don't Miss a Thing Get every episode automatically! Share the Value If you're enjoying the show, please rate it on iTunes and write a brief review. That would help a lot to spread the word and get more listeners to the podcast. Ask Questions or Provide Feedback To ask questions, request episode topics or provide feedback, email me at DrOrma@DrOrma.com Connect With Me [fb_button]   Follow @drsteveorma Additional Resources Therapy and sleep coaching with me.

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