#214: Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles

On Mark's drive across Canada (the first time), he stopped in Drumheller, Alberta for some dinosaur tourism. It has a truly impressive nodosaur specimen. The nodosaur is a close relative of the ankylosaur, a key difference being the former's lack of a thagomizer, the club-like appendage at the end of an ankylosaur's tail. Mark bought a plastic ankylosaur as a souvenir. Its name is Angie.
Perseverance doesn't have any ankylosaurs or nodosaurs. A shame.

Games Played Last Week:
00:53 -Planet Unknown (Ryan Lambert & Adam Rehberg, Adam's Apple Games, 2022)
04:53 -Carnegie (Xavier Georges, Quined Games, 2022)
11:16 -Imperium: Legends (Nigel Buckle & Dávid Turczi, Osprey Games, 2021)
15:08 -Titan (Matthieu Podevin, Holy Grail Games, 2022)
21:19 -Hour of Need (Adam Sadler & Brady Sadler, Blacklist Games, 2022)
27:25 -Get on Board: New York & London (Saashi, IELLO, 2022)
28:31 -Omicron Protocol (Brendan Kendrick & Bernie Lin, Dead Alive Games, 2022)

News (and why it doesn't matter):
34:05 Starship Captains by CGE (not Vlaada)
34:56 Leave the Church in the Village: Quoridor-esque?
35:50 Spiel des Jahres Nominees: Cascadia, SCOUT, Top Ten. Kennerspiel: Living Forest, Cryptid, Dune: Imperium
37:13 Escape from New York

38:07 Feature Game: Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles Episodes 1 & 2 (Richard Amann, Thomas Vande Ginste, Viktor Peter, Wolf Plancke, & Dávid Turczi, Mindclash Games, 2022)

1:09:53 SVWAG Presents Masterpiece Theatre: The Kid Detective

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