Finding Your Influence (Lissette Calveiro, Influence With Impact)

The influencer marketing industry is booming, and we're going to talk all about it in this episode of Everything Is Teachable. Hear from Lissette Calveiro on her deep experience with influencer marketing, the most important things to know before getting started in the industry, ways to get started with working with brands, and so much more.

Lissette Calveiro is a Latina digital entrepreneur living in New York City as an influencer marketing consultant to Fortune 500 brands, social media content creator, and business coach for influencers & personal brands.

She is the founder of Influence With Impact™, a consultancy that supports influencers & personal brands in turning their social presence into a balanced business with community impact. She supports her clients through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and a signature 4-month group coaching mastermind. Her consultancy also supports brands in casting community-minded influencers & bringing impactful campaigns to life.

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