The Twitter Endgame, Again: Logic & Legality

In part two of our recording this week, we get to Elon Musk and Twitter. Both because how can we not at this point, as the drama continues to unfurl, and also because Akram makes the case for this as a good merger arb play given the strength of contract law. We talk about whether Musk can work his way out of this and why Akram thinks he can’t, and what the next steps of the saga should be, along with a whole lot more.

Topics Covered
  • 3:00 minute mark - The logical aspects of the Twitter case
  • 13:30 - Twitter's setting up to go the distance, and the bots issue
  • 30:00 - How material is the bots case
  • 35:00 - What are the next steps, and the role of the equity partners
  • 43:00 - Past precedents
  • 50:00 - The outstanding risks to Twitter as a company and to Tesla as a stock
  • 1:00:00 - Quick comments on the retail sector

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