204: Cortisol, Blood Sugar & Improving Your Sleep Hygiene

Being healthy in today’s world can often come with a high price tag. Fortunately sleep doesn’t have to be one of those things, and in today’s episode Erin discusses the top three things that might be impeding your sleep at night and what you can do about them. From circadian rhythm to cortisol, bladder function to blood sugar, Erin highlights why making sure you’re getting the basics down is the very first thing you should be doing to improve sleep hygiene.

If you have trouble falling asleep, if you often wake up at night needing to pee or wake up with a racing heart, or feel tired and sluggish no matter how many hours you slept, this will definitely be an episode for you to hear!

In this episode:

-Free wellness and starting with the basics [4:57]

-Bladder health and night wakings [7:50]

-The first place to start for better sleep [14:55]

-The most important thing you can do to help regulate your circadian rhythm [17:34]

-How cortisol is related to melatonin and sleep [22:12]

-Reasons why cortisol might increase at night [27:12]

-Is your dysregulated blood sugar waking you up at night? [30:40]

-Pelvic floor health and sleep disruption [37:13]

-The potential problem with Intermittent Fasting and sleep [39:02]

-Nervine herbs to support our nervous system [41:31]

-Effects of CBD and CBN on sleep [44:02]

-The power of GABA and L-Theanine [46:06]

-Should you use melatonin supplementation? [48:03]

-Listener question about sleeping with window curtains open [51:12]

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