203: Bladder Dysfunction, Gut Problems & Pelvic Floor Health

If you’ve got gut problems, have you considered your pelvic floor function?

The pelvic floor is a grouping of muscles that encompasses the center of your body and today, Erin brings back to the show Dr. Cristin Zaimes of Oceanside Physical Therapy to discuss all things pelvic floor and why it’s so important to our overall health. Cristin is an expert in pelvic floor physiology and brings deep knowledge on the subject. Tune in to hear her highlight how pelvic floor health is about so much more than doing Kegals - our gut, bladder, sexual health, and even breathing can be tied to how well our pelvic floor is functioning.

If you’ve ever experienced leakage when you sneeze or exercise, have experienced back pain when lifting, have any sexual pain or dysfunction, or have gut problems like constipation, diarrhea or even recurring SIBO, this will be a really informative episode for you!

In this episode:

-Why Erin recently worked with Dr. Cristin Zaimes [7:09]

-What the pelvic floor actually is [8:57]

-The relation of the diaphragm [10:20]

-How to access your pelvic floor muscles [13:31]

-Telltale signs you have a pelvic floor dysfunction [16:18]

-Trauma, shame & treating the whole person [20:37]

-The crossover between the pelvic floor & GI dysfunction [23:21]

-Benefits to having a team [31:43]

-When health feels like a struggle [37:48]

-A game changer for those with chronic SIBO [40:35]

-Next steps for finding pelvic floor therapy [46:51]

FOR OUR FULL LIST OF LINKS + RESOURCES, HEAD TO: https://www.thefunktionalnutritionist.com/podcast/203-bladder-dysfunction-gut-problems-pelvic-floor-health

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