Bicycling All 50 States with Joyce Guenther

In Episode 107, Jill and Chris talk with Joyce Guenther who has ridden her bicycle in all 50 states of the USA.

Jill met Joyce in high school and they ended up at the same college together. Years later they reconnected on Facebook.

Joyce has completed bike rides in all 50 states and has turned her attention to Europe. She is a member of our private Becoming Elli Facebook Group.

Her education was in the sciences. She worked in business for many years and then ran her husband’s medical office. She lives with her husband in central Ohio and has two adult daughters.

Joyce is also very active with the Red Cross and getting people to donate blood. She hosts blood drives and has been donating blood since she was in college.

We discuss:

  • How she got started
  • Training for the bike trips
  • Logistics of the rides
  • Advantages of organized tours
  • How she eats during the rides

Links to rides mentioned at this link on the Becoming Elli website.

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