Introducing: Listening In - A Uniquely Modern Psychological Thriller Out Now

When her home speaker begins picking up her neighbors’ conversations and broadcasting them into her apartment, a lonely recent New York transplant, Julia (Rachel Brosnahan) becomes increasingly obsessed with her neighbors' lives. But what begins as a voyeuristic endeavor quickly devolves into a situation with real world consequences, and she quickly realizes she doesn’t know who to trust. From the makers of Last Known Position and Soft Voice comes Listening In, a uniquely modern mystery thriller available now wherever you get your podcasts. QCODE+ subscribers on Apple Podcasts will get early access to new episodes before anyone else and exclusive bonus content. Learn more at  Produced by QCODE and Scrap Paper Pictures. Created, written, and directed by Sabrina Jaglom. Starring Rachel Brosnahan, Manish Dayal, David Aaron Baker, Caroline Aaron, Adeline Rudolph, Bridget Regan, Daniel J Watts, and Dana Melanie. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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