Tarek El Moussa - How I Went From Rock Bottom To Real Estate Rockstar! (Host of Flip or Flop)

ENJOY THIS BRAND-NEW INTERVIEW with the star of HGTV’s “Flip or Flop” a “Flipping 101”, TAREK EL MOUSSA! In this powerful interview, Tarek shares with us his incredible journey of growing up from humble beginnings to becoming a multi-millionaire celebrity real estate entrepreneur - including how he pitched an HGTV show for “Flip or Flop” before he had ever flipped a SINGLE property! He also shares with us lessons learned along the way, including what it was like to make his first $10 million income in a single year, overcome 2 cancers, battle a very public divorce a so much more! Tarek El Moussa is unstoppable in anything he puts his mind to, and it truly shows in this powerful interview! Make sure to enjoy it until the very end, drop a comment, click that LIKE button a most importantly - share it with a friend :) ENJOY!!!! -OMAR Follow TAREK EL MOUSSA on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/therealtarekelmoussa/ Subscribe to Tarek’s podcast “Life By Design": https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/life-by-design-with-tarek-el-moussa/id1464246896 Follow OMAR ELATTAR on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omar_therockstar/   Join Omar x The Passionate Few’s (FREE) “CEO VIP” LIST HERE FOR DAILY BUSINESS SECRETS FROM $10 BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF ENTREPRENEUR: https://podcastmastery.org/optin-main BRAND-NEW OFFER DO YOU WANT TO LEARN OMAR'S "$10 BILLION DOLLAR NETWORKING PSYCHOLOGY SECRETS" TO BUILD A NETWORK THAT ALLOWS YOU TO GROW YOUR MINDSET, LIFE a BUSINESS) (LEARN MORE NOW. CLICK HERE: ig.omarelattar.com/NETWORKING )   ____________P.S… DO YOU WANNA LEARN HOW TO PODCAST, YOUTUBE, INTERVIEW AMAZING PEOPLE and/or NETWORK LIKE OMAR?___________ If so, enjoy these resources below. Some are FREE a some are worth the FEE :) (DOWNLOAD FOR FREE NOW) - - - ”Top 3 Secrets To Get In Touch with Anyone”: http://bit.ly/3secretstogetanyone (DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE E-BOOK NOW) - - - “How To Start A Podcast, Book Your Dream Guests a Make Money Doing It!”  http://www.omarsfreebook.com (***P.S. it’s super easy a you can read it in 1 sitting. Plus, you can download it right here on your phone ;)   ________YOUTUBE, PODCAST a PASSIVE INCOME CONSULTING w/ OMAR: _____________ WANNA START A “HIGH-PROFILE: PODCAST JUST LIKE OMAR Enjoy Omar’s FREE Resources Below + Learn More About 1-on-1 Coaching w/ Omar To Take Your Brand a Authority To The Next Level On Social Media! (3-6 month program available) (APPLICATION) Apply For 1-On-1 Coaching w/ OMAR Here Nowhttp://bit.ly/omarcoaching (LEARN MORE ABOUT OMAR’s $15k a $25k 1-on-1 COACHING PACKAGES HERE: WATCH NOW https://youtu.be/3h2l6T8lobE ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ BONUS QUESTION FOR YOU: “Are You An Online Entrepreneur OR Just Starting Out As A Beginner In Digital Marketing” IF YOU ARE, OMAR’s #1 Recommended WEBSITE FOR YOU TO BEGIN ON IS ClickFunnels! Here’s A FREE 14-Day ClickFunnels Trial If You Wanna Give It A FREE Trial (P.S. I’VE BEEN USING IT FOR 2+ YEARS a LOVE IT! TAKES LEARNING, BUT IT’S WORTH IT) DOWNLOAD FREE HERE https://tinyurl.com/ybu7nbar ALSO….. DO YOU WANNA LEARN HOW OMAR TURNED HIS KNOWLEDGE INTO A BOOMING 6-FIGURE ONLINE MONEY MAKING MACHINE Well, you’re in luck! Because Omar learned how to from Tony Robbins a Dean Graziosi, you can actually join in the family as well! It’s a $2k course, loaded with a step-by-step blueprint on how to turn your knowledge into cash + it comes with a 100% money back guarantee. (And yes, I do get a commission if you purchase through this link a yes I purchased it myself a yes it worked for me, just being 100% honest to serve ya at the highest level. Don’t miss out! Join today before spots fill up :) (REGISTER HERE) —— FREE TRAINING w/ TONY ROBBINS a DEAN GRAZIOSI’S MASTERCLASS: Watch Now! http://OmarsLink.com (Tony Robbins a Dean Graziosi Teach You How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Profits In $355 Million-Dollar-A-Day Industry! Don’t Miss Out! RESERVE YOUR SEAT NOW!)   Click below to follow Tarek El Moussa: InstagramFacebook Click below to follow Omar Elattar:InstagramFacebookYouTube

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