Staying Connected With Your Spouse

**Due to some issues during our recording session, parts of episodes #56 a #57 might be hard to hear. Sorry for the inconvenience, and we'll be back to normal soon!** If you've listened to Good To Be Home before, you know how passionate Russ and Mika are about date night - their weekly evenings out as a couple (ie: no kids) to catch up with each other and unwind. But sometimes, despite how determined they are to keep up this practice, schedules just get too crazy and life gets in the way. So what happens between those date nights? Or in the weeks they just can't find a free night together? In this episode, Russ and Mika run through some practical tips on how they stay connected, like working out together or going to church, as well as jump into some larger concepts like open communication about scheduling and laughing about parenting together.

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