Eps. 121 - Sour Cream

Today’s podcast is brought to you by ET being frustrated. Frustrated by individuals who have opportunities and aren’t capitalizing on them. ET has been all over the world and he’s recognized that people in certain countries do not have the same opportunities that we have in America. Despite what you may believe the opportunities here in American are more abundant than anywhere else in the world. ET is convinced that the majority of people are going to work but they do not want to work. The guys go over several different scenarios as to why and how people get this attitude. They also talk about how you can change your mindset and habits to become someone who performs at a high level in all opportunities. Time Stamped Topics: [02:00] - Weekend Round Up [06:39] - Fair or Foul [13:20] - Why You Can’t Blow Up [24:29] - The List [41:00] - 12 Year Boss Up [50:00] - The Pursuit of Happiness [1:02:00] - Mr. Nice Guy [1:16:00] - Ask Josh [1:33:45] - Nugget of The Day Listener Perks: Organifi is giving our listeners 20% off of their order just use the promo code “SUCCESS”. Their superfood green juice powder allows you to get your greens anytime anywhere while on the go. Hello Fresh is giving our listeners $30 off your first week of deliveries just use the code “SUCCESS30” The Secrets To Success: “Those of you going after money are already broke.” “If you don’t have a vision of what you want to do then have a vision of what you don’t want to do.” “You get a break by staying in the game long enough and doing the right stuff.” “Don’t add any stress when you get invited to the world of performers.” “Doing something because you think you can control the outcome is called an angle.” See ET Live: May 20, 2018 Take Control Boston June 24, 2018 Take Control St. Louis February 25 - March 3, 2019 Phenomenal Life Jamaica Get connected with a network of over 3,500 people who listen to ET, and embodies the work ethic and spirit of ET. To learn more about Breathe University. Subscribe to the podcast via Apple Podcasts.  

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