224: Why No Is Never the Final Answer in Business

How many times have you heard ‘no’ before? Here’s the truth: If you haven’t run into a little bit of rejection as a business owner, you aren’t challenging yourself enough. In this episode, you’ll discover what failure really means and how it leads to success. You’ll also get an inside scoop on my experience with rejection and learn the five ways you can turn a no into a yes so you can build momentum to help grow and scale your business! WHAT’S IN THIS EPISODE: Why you need to take risks What rejection really means How failure leads to success 5 ways to turn a no into a yes How to be persistent   For Complete Show Notes, Head to: https://tanyadalton.com/podcasts/episode-224-why-no-is-never-the-final-answer-in-business Ready to Grow Your Business? Join other women business owners and entrepreneurs just like you and learn the tools you need to grow your business while living the full, lucrative life you want in my mentorship program: https://tanyadalton.com/ceo  

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