186: Partnerships and Relationships: Inside Scoop on Working with Your Spouse

What is it like to work with someone you’re already close to and have a personal relationship with? After several years of working with my husband John, you could say that I know a thing or two about working alongside someone you have a relationship with (whether it be your significant other, a friend or family member)! For the first time ever, I brought him on the podcast to talk about our experience of running a company together. We talk about what it’s like to have a relationship outside of work and still go to work happy. You’ll hear our tips for making it work, our favorite things about working together, and how it all came about.  What’s In This Episode: How working along with your spouse (or friend/family member) is just like any other relationship A conversation they had that changed the trajectory of their lives Our tips for making it work as business partners The best things about working together JOIN MY FREE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY GROUP!

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