181: Rethinking Your 9-5

Are the messages you’re putting out really embodying what you stand for as a business? At my company, one of the ideas that we’ve really been digging into while working to express our core values has been the “traditional workweek.” In this episode, I am diving into how the standard Monday through Friday, 9-5, came about. I touch on the benefits of reducing your working hours and explore some of the drawbacks you might expect from spending less time working. If you’ve been rethinking what you’ve been told about productivity and the 40-hour workweek, you’ll want to hear this episode!   What’s In This Episode:   Digging in deep to walk the walk around things you stand behind  Shifting how you look at the 40-hour workweek The benefits that come from reducing the hours you work Potential drawbacks in reducing your workweek   JOIN MY FREE FACEBOOK GROUP!

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