172: How Smart Leaders Prioritize

How do you prioritize when everything feels like a priority? It's nearly impossible when you're not using the right system. This is why you need to ditch the tired, old to-do list and upgrade to a priority list instead. In this episode, I'll be exploring why a priority list will help you become a better leader and more intentional with your time. You'll learn how to decide what's urgent and what's important, and how a priority list can help you manage it effectively. If you've been having a hard time making room for your priorities, then you'll want to hear this episode. What's In This Episode: Focusing on the tasks that are connected to your north star Determining what's urgent and what's important Holding yourself accountable to complete and accomplish your priorities Doing the things that nourish you, your soul and those around you Taking distractions off your plate so you can focus on your priorities

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