149: Guilt-Free Delegating

Some people tend to think of delegating tasks as a way to free up some of their time. While it certainly does achieve this, it also empowers those around you to take ownership of their responsibilities while strengthening the camaraderie of the team. In today’s episode, I talk with Susan, an overwhelmed mom of four, teacher and caregiver of her ill mother. We chat about the steps she’s already taken to start delegating and how she can continue to delegate even further without feeling like she’s nagging. I emphasized the importance of creating a shared vision, setting expectations, and mapping out exactly what those expectations look like to those around us.    What’s In This Episode: Getting comfortable with the idea of delegating tasks to others Carving out space for yourself, no matter how busy you feel Setting expectations and mapping them out to others Letting people take ownership over their assigned tasks and creating a shared vision How to successfully delegate tasks to others

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