142: Blast Radius: Looking Beyond Yourself

The question that we often truly need to ask ourselves is not, “Will I make an impact on the world?” but rather, “What kind of impact will I make?” In today’s episode, we’re discussing your blast radius and how what you say and do can have far-reaching effects on the world and those around you. We’re not as small as we often tend to think we are and we have the power to choose to see the world from a positive point of view. I will share tips for making a difference in the world, being a catalyst for change and how to reframe your life to focus on your impact.   What’s In This Episode:   Realizing the far-reaching effects of chain reaction Recognizing that we’re not as small as we think Making sure you’re having a positive effect on the world and those around you Reframing your life to focus on the impact of what you do Taking a step back and recognizing that you can be a catalyst for change

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