068: From Failure to Fulfillment with Jeff Goins

Writer, speaker and entrepreneur, Jeff Goins, is on the show today discussing the stumbling blocks he, and others who work creatively, have personally experienced. He shares why the ‘starving artist’ is a myth and how we can use obstacles and setbacks to help us accomplish our goals, not suffer through them. After listening to our interview, you’ll gain the insight and mindset that will allow you to shift your path and goals in the right direction.    What’s In This Episode:   How to pivot, or move forward after you’ve failed or hit a stumbling block Using your obstacles as resources to guide you down the right path Why it’s important to be stubborn about your vision and flexible with details Building bridges towards taking opportunities and creating change The Starving Artist Myth: How to stop disqualifying yourself before you try   Have a question for me about your own stumbling blocks or productivity? Submit yours for my next Ask Tonya at inkwellpress.com/question.

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