057: Using Your Personality Type to Your Advantage

Knowing your personality type can help you to understand yourself better and improve how you interact with others. Today, I’m focusing on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and how that introspective questionnaire will help you to set goals, eliminate procrastination, grow your creativity and work more effectively. I’ll share my own personality type and how it’s helped me to appreciate others, and how you too can work with everyone’s strengths as a team at home, work or in personal life. What’s In This Episode: • 5 ways knowing your personality can help you understand yourself and others better. • How to appreciate different personality types and work with others’ strengths instead of having conflicts. • Using your personality type to find your career and passions. • About the MBTI test and how it can help you set goals, stop your procrastination, understand how you interact with others and more. To join Tonya's free group go to inkwellpress.com/group

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