047: No Barriers with Erik Weihenmayer Pt. 2

I’m continuing my conversation with blind adventurer, Erik Weihenmayer, in part two of his interview. Today we’re discussing failure, how trauma affects us and being confronted with setbacks. Erik has kayaked through rapids and climbed numerous mountains around the world including Mt Everest. He uses his experiences to inspire others through his No Barriers mission. His mindset and advice  will inspire you in your own life. What’s In This Episode: Erik’s advice for jumping back in after a setback or when you feel like you’ve failed. Why being brave is stronger and better than being fearless. Stories of Erik’s expeditions and teammates of overcoming traumas to achieve big dreams. How sometimes you have to go back to the beginning to retrain our brains and rework our processes in order to move forward. What ‘invisible barriers’ are, who has the obstacles and how to use that in that a positive way.

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