043: Analysis Paralysis: Stop Overthinking Your Goals

Today, I’m discussing analysis paralysis. Overthinking our goals and our progress towards them can actually get in the way of success. I’m giving you 5 different tips for how you can overcome analysis paralysis… instead of letting it keep you stuck and acting as a roadblock between you and your big goals. I know it can be hard to take the first step (and even the next one after that!) but after today’s episode, you’ll feel more comfortable and ready to take real action. What’s In This Episode: • Why we overanalyze and overthink our situations, causing us to feel confused and waste time. • How your working memory impacts your performance and creativity during work. • Find out which of the two types of decision-makers you are and how it affects you. • 5 ways you can stop the analysis paralysis cycle right away. • Learn how to become comfortable with taking action - big or small - so you can accomplish your goals.

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