033: Why To Do Lists Don't Work: The Priority List

Learn why the traditional to-do list is working against you. I’m showing you how to use a new system - the Priority List. This will allow to actually work toward the important items on your list, like your personal goals, instead of getting bogged down by Insignificant tasks. After this episode, you’ll be inspired and ready to start tomorrow morning off with your new and personalized list that propels you forward toward goals and big projects. What’s In This Episode: • Why to-do lists don’t really work in today’s society and workplaces. • Understand and combat that feeling that tasks are always eating away at you. • How to work more effectively by using the three priority levels that keep your tasks organized. • Everyday examples of how you can respond to Insignificant tasks so that you can focus on the Important ones. • Tips on how to begin using this new system in any area of your life. Join our free productivity group at inkwellpress.com/group

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