031: Creating Habits: The Formula for Success

Cultivating good habits doesn’t happen magically or right away. It’s not about disciplining yourself so that you’re forcing routines into your life, and that’s what so many of us try to do. Today, you’ll learn the easy but effective formula for creating habits AND sticking to them. I’m also giving you steps to changing those bad habits you’ve been wanting to break for so long so that you have more room to focus on your personalized systems and good habits.What’s In This Episode: • How your brain works differently with discipline versus habits. • The easy formula for creating habits.   • Real-life examples of how you can get started on creating habits by starting small. • Top tips for cultivating good habits into great routines. • Learn how to get rid of those bad habits you’ve always wanted to change. Join our free community at inkwellpress.com/group

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