030: Why Eating the Frog Doesn't Work

Discover why “eating the frog,” or getting your most dreaded or biggest task done first thing in the morning, is actually a bad idea and a device for procrastination. Instead, I’m sharing ways you can keep moving forward on goals you set, no matter how big. After listening to today’s episode, you’ll feel empowered to create a plan for yourself, instead of mindlessly completing insignificant tasks or procrastinating your progress to the finish line. What’s In This Episode: • Why the system of ‘eating the frog’ doesn’t work for productivity. • The formula you need instead of discipline in order to get tasks done and goals accomplished. • Big benefits to making plans and celebrating your wins. • How to make sure you don’t become burnt out at the end of the day or week. • Creating successful days full of momentum and progress. Join our free FB group at inkwellpress.com/group

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