029: Batching Tasks: Your Best Work in Less Time

Start saving yourself time and work smarter through batching your tasks. Today, I’m discussing how you can categorize tasks so you can implement a simple strategy to help you stay focused and work with intention. After today’s episode, you’ll be ready to begin producing higher quality work in less time.   What’s In This Episode: • Why you need to work with intention - the natural way your brain WANTS to work. • The two categories you can use to easily batch tasks. • Actionable steps to creating a plan for batching task so that your goal is completed. • Think you don’t have enough time to focus on batching tasks? I’m giving real-life examples and tips for how you can minimize or stop distractions. • Examples of tasks you can batch starting today. Get your free download, "Five Minutes to Peak Productivity" at inkwellpress.com/podcast

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