028: Walking Away from Perfection

Perfectionism can take over when we’re trying complete tasks - from small projects to our biggest goals. Today I’m discussing the signs we should look out for to know whether or not we really may be perfectionists and how that cycle can be broken. With these 5 actionable strategies, you’ll be able to let go and walk away from your perfectionist mindset once and for all. What’s In This Episode: • Why we go after perfectionism in the different areas of our lives and the cycle of it. • How learning from your mistakes creates a better system for yourself. • Signs and examples of how you can know if you’re a perfectionist. • Why we need to “stop smashing our marble jar.” • Tips to creating a healthier mindset instead of keeping the cycle of a perfectionist one. • How high-stress perfectionism can affect your mental health Get our free download "Five Minutes to Peak Productivity" at inkwellpress.com/podcast

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