026: Making the Most of Your Weekend

Do you get to Sunday night and wonder where the weekend went? We just need to streamline your Saturdays and Sundays for success so you can actually enjoy your time. We often feel the need to work throughout our weekend, but in today’s episode I’m giving 5 tips on how to combat working on the weekend. I’ll also share research on why it’s important to take this time off so you can maximize your productivity for the week ahead. What’s In This Episode: • How to cut back on weekend work, emails, texts, to-dos and more using my 5 easy and actionable strategies • Learn to consistently make the most of your weekends by streamlining Saturday and Sunday for success. • See what the newest research and studies say about how our brain, health and productivity are affected by working weekends. • Steps to creating good habits on the weekend so that you work less and spend more time on the right tasks and people. • Why you need to create hours of availability and hours of business (and the big difference between the two!) Get access to our free download, "Five Minutes to Peak Productivity" at inkwellpress.com/podcast

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