005: How a Mission Statement Can Create Household Harmony

In this episode we will be talking about shared mission statements. Mission statements aren’t just for individuals or companies, they can also help add clarity to families. And, just to be clear, families look many different ways - not just people with children - it includes people in committed relationships, single people who live or work closely with others - even our teams at work. The strategies we are covering will help any group of people to work stronger together.   Listen now and discover: Why you should have a family mission statement even if you don’t have kids. How a family mission statement can help you cut through the clutter and direct your decisions. What are the secret ground rules to a winning family mission. Exercises to do together as a couple before you bring in the kids. The ten questions you need to answer.     Key Quote: ““Loving and supportive families don’t just happen, they take intention and they take work.”   Recommended Books: The Three Questions by Tolstoy Where the Mountain Meets The Moon, by Grace Lunn   To get her Tonya’s checklist, Five Minutes to Peak Productivity, simply register at inkwellpress.com/podcast.  

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