004: Find Your North Star: How To Create A Personal Mission Statement

In this episode we will be talking about the importance of mission statements. Having a mission statement is the key element in focusing on your priorities and will help you find your purpose. Having a personal mission statement gives you permission to get rid of the distractions and go for the goals that are important to you Listen now and discover: What is a personal mission statement? How having a mission statement is going to help give you direction, gain insight into your life and will create more focus on your priorities. How the incorrect reporting of Alfred Nobel’s death lead to the Nobel Prize. Why every decision we make for our business must first pass our mission test. Three steps to crafting a personalized mission statement that will transform your life, your business, and your relationships.   Key Quote: ““When you integrate your personal mission statement into your weekly planning it gives you a way to keep that vision constantly before you.”   To get her Tonya’s checklist, Five Minutes to Peak Productivity, simply register at inkwellpress.com/podcast.

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