Best Actress Winners at The Cannes Film Festival

Nick and Sophia are back to celebrate the Cannes Film Festival! First, they share some current buzz from La Croisette and the 75th Festival (4:25). Next, they take a look at three Best Actress winners at Cannes with varying levels of success with The Academy. First up, they chat about Kirsten Dunst’s vulnerable performance in Melancholia and why she wasn’t nominated for an Oscar for her performance (15:03). Next, they talk about the award-winning ensemble of women in Almodovar’s melodrama, “Volver” and how Penelope Cruz was able to earn her first Oscar nomination (31:43). Finally, they discuss one of five women to win Best Actress at Cannes and at The Oscars, Sally Field in “Norma Rae” (45:54).

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Music: “The Greatest Adventure” by Jonathan Adamich

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