Episode 118: How to Raise Venture Capital As An Immigrant Tech Founder

Surbhi is the CEO and co-founder of Symbl.ai. At Symbl, she is building the programmable platform to empower developers to deploy conversational intelligence in their collaboration products and workflows. She co-founded Symbl (previously Rammer.ai) almost 2 years back and was a part of Techstars Seattle ’19 class, following which the company raised an early-stage venture round of 1.8M, just 6 months ago. She comes with a background in various technical and customer-obsessed roles across startups and enterprises like Nevis Networks and Amdocs. Before starting Symbl, she was working in the Conversational AI space focussed on delivering value to Telco users. She is also an ambassador of Women in AI with a mission to get more women involved in Data Science and adjacent spaces and a big-time travel-lover. Listen Now to Surbhi's amazing STEM Story!   Links: https://www.linkedin.com/in/surbhi-rathore/ https://symbl.ai/ https://twitter.com/symbldotai?lang=en https://www.linkedin.com/company/symblai  

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