Episode 89: A Neurobiologist a A Science Communicator

This episode is dedicated to Elizabeth's late mother-in-law Jeanne Lamb. May she rest in peace.  Our guest today is Elizabeth Delery, Ph.D., a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at LSU Health Sciences Center, she studies the neurobiological interactions of alcohol, opioids, a pain. She has B.S. Biology a Psychology, pre-med concentration and a  Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences, microbiology/immunology. She is a science communicator on Instagram and shares her life and science passionately!   In this episode we discuss: 1. Her Life in New Orleans? 2. How she is working to find a cure for Alcoholism? 3. How her dad inspired her to pursue science? 4. Elizabeth's best tips to get through Graduate School? 5. How she's using her Instagram to burst health myths?   Links: www.instagram.com/phdelery www.twitter.com/phdelery Follow Me: www.instagram.com/prasha_dutra www.instagram.com/herstemstory  

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