Episode 67: A Neuroscientist a A Science Artist

Our guest today is Lauren Hewitt, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Austin, Texas. Lauren is a science artist and creates beautiful embroidery hoops. She makes and sells embroidery hoops on her website and she is communicating neuroscience through her amazing art. She is a first-generation college graduate and her journey to pursuing her Ph.D. is very inspiring. In this episode we talk about: What's her Ph.D. research work? How she graduated grad school debt free? How embroidery helped her mental health and became a side gig? How her family played an important role in her STEM journey? Her favorite advice to get over imposter syndrome. At the end of the episode, we announce our wonderful GIVEAWAY with Lauren. Follow us on Instagram to learn more.  EDIT* During the interview Lauren mistakenly said that the human body has 5 billion neurons instead of 100 billion. Humans have 100 billion neurons, you can read more about them here.* Links: www.instagram.com/Stitching_Hew www.twitter.com/ScienceHew Website: www.lthscience.com Get your copy of this amazing book; Everyday Superheroes: Women In STEM Careers Follow us: www.instagram.com/herstemstory      

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