Episode 42: The FIT Engineer

  Celebrating Engineers' Week 2019, by interview women engineers from around the world. Today we are talking to a very special guest one of my college mates from India. Deepty is a backup a DR engineer at an IT firm in India, she went to school for IT engineering and she has a very special passion project. She is one of the very few Indian woman Pakor athletes, and Bollywood stunt woman. Deepty is a fitness coach and a budding fitness entrepreneur! Listen to Deepti to learn more about her STRONG a inspiring STEM Story.   Links;   Instagram:https://instagram.com/deepty_kim?utm_source=ig_profile_shareaigshid=q3bt0v9td4e     My page about fitness that I have just started: https://instagram.com/knowfitt?utm_source=ig_profile_shareaigshid=1i4gdtpj5hfc0     YouTube https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.beav=3dTTqM-7pjc  

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