How Gratitude Literally Saved My Life with Jhet Van Ruyven #6

Going through some setbacks in life? In this episode of Grace and Gratitude Podcast, you’ll be inspired to dream again, love again and claim your life back again through gratitude... Learn from Jhet Van Ruyven as she shares how she turns a lot of set backs in life to stepping stones for success. From a life of poverty to a life of abundance... From a journey of disease to ease... From lovelessness to love-fullness again and again... From knowing yourself to loving yourself ... and much more! If there's a word to describe Jhet's life story, I'd just say, "Wow!" Enjoy the nuggets of wisdom from this funny and inspiring conversation... More about Jhet Van Ruyven… Jhet “Juliet” van Ruyven grew up in a poverty-stricken family and faced many challenges at a young age and focused on her dreams to succeed. With nothing but passion and vision she was able to turn all her childhood dreams to reality. Having first-hand experience with material and spiritual poverty, illness, career stagnation and romantic failure, she helps people move through these temporary set backs and make them building blocks to success. Jhet has impacted audiences in Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Holland, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong a Malaysia and in the Philippines where she was awarded "People of the Year" by Asia Magazine. She is a life-long learner with mentors like T. Harv Eker, Tony Robbins, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Robert Kiyosaki and many others. She is named Top 30 Visionaries on Diversity in Canada and was nominated Business Woman of the Year in her community. She has traveled to 50 countries (still counting) and had been to all continents but Antartica. She is best known for empowering and inspiring others to believe in the power of their dreams as documented in her #1 Amazon Bestselling book (Ethnic Women Category) “The Tale of Juliet - You Have The Power To Change Your Life where she shares stepping stones to success Be inspired by her story, learn from her lessons and share it with someone who needs to hear it. What we talked about… How Jhet Van Ruyven rose from poverty and turned her dreams to reality [2:00] Find out how Jhet Van Ruyven met Mother Teresa of Calcutta and her husband, Ted [10:05] Hear the story behind the Pacific Ocean, the same ocean where all Jhet's dream began [10:42] We are all spiritual beings having a human experience [13:13] The greatest lessons Jhet learned from T.Harv Eker, Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield and more [14:07] How the power of gratitude saved Jhet's health, marriage and life [16:25] Loving yourself and honoring your body [22:00] All setbacks, failures and lessons are stepping blocks towards your success[22:28] Live in a life of abundance, gratitude and purpose [23:20] The grace is always in our hearts and always around us[24:03] Always expect miracles [25:25] Jhet Van Ruyven and Sha Nacino's new book, Gain From Your Pain, [26:37] Jhet’s one big message to add more gratitude, joy love and meaning in your life… "Trust and have faith..." Get in touch with Jhet Van Ruyven… Feeling Powerful Academy *Music Attribution: Corporate (Success) by Scott Holmes, Corporate (Uplifting) by Scott Holmes  

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