Grief, Grace and Gratitude with the Founder of Pearls From My Mom, Jesse Kahat #2

Overcoming the Loss of a Loved One and Keeping the Legacy Alive “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure…” Have you ever experienced a loss, whether it’s a pet that you loved the most, a loved one, a family member or a friend? Grieving is a process we have to go through at some point in our lives. In this episode of Grace and Gratitude, I had a good conversation with Jesse Kahat. the Founder of Pearls from My Mom. Jesse started Pearls From My Mom when her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Her mother has a nice set of pearls which she said she didn’t know what to do with since she wasn’t sure if people wear pearls anymore. Jesse told her the only pearls she truly cares about are the pearls of wisdom she has given her over the years. One day, a chill ran down her spine and she was overcome with terror as she thought to herself “What if, one day my Mom is gone and I can’t remember all of her sparkling pearls of wisdom?” She knew she needed to take action so she started Jesse’s mom, Sara, passed away on July 2, 2015, and it has been the hardest thing she has ever gone through. Her mom was her best friend and the person she turned to for everything. Losing her mom has awakened a new sense of purpose in her life. This sisterhood/brotherhood is the reason she started the site. She knows there must be others out there like her who want to share the pearls of wisdom that have been handed down to them. Pearls From My Mom s a space to share those pearls, recipes, crafts, laughs, and anything else you want. They can be from your mom, dad, sibling, friend, grandparent- anyone who has given you worthwhile advice. It’s all about sharing to keep the legacy alive… What we talked about: Jesse Kahat’s background and upbringing [1:08] The inspiration behind Pearls From My Mom [2:18] Great lessons learned from her mom [4:40] Going through grief, depression a life’s challenges [6:10] What’s grace and gratitude? [8:25] The world is a reflection of yourself [9:43] Examples of Self Affirmations [10:44] Jesse Kahat as a kind and compassionate person [13:30] How to add more gratitude, joy, love and meaning in your life [14:42] Failures are learning opportunities [15:20] Share your story and your vulnerabilities [16:25] Get in touch with Jesse Kahat: Pearls From My Mom Website Pearls From My Mom Facebook Pearls From My Mom Podcast For more information Visit: Facebook: Grateful and Joyful Soul Instagram: @gratefulandjoyfulsoul   Music Attribution: Corporate (Success) by Scott Holmes, Corporate (Uplifting) by Scott Holmes

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