Ep 273: The Most Important Thing Every Perfectionist Needs To Remember About Building A Business

In this episode I want to talk about the most important thing every perfectionist needs to remember when building a business. This might be something you’re hearing about for the first time or maybe you’re already familiar with this concept. I’m going to be talking specifically about how this applies to a perfectionist who is building a business and how you can use it to work for you instead of against you. In This Episode You’ll Learn: Ways you can use your perfectionist mindset to work for you and not against you Signs you are in the all-or-nothing mindset The most important thing to remember about building a coaching business   Featured In The Episode: Perfectionists Getting Shit Done - group coaching program Episode 125: How I Transitioned From Full-Time Work To Full-Time Entrepreneurship Episode 205: This Common Mistake Is Stopping You From Going Full-Time In Your Business The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson        

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