Ep 264: How To Confidently Do Things You Don't Know How To Do

When it comes to building a coaching business, at every level, there'll be things you’ll have to do that you won’t know how to do yet. There’s no point in time when building your business when this isn’t the case. I know from experience how tempting it is to fantasize about this one day in the future when you’ll feel confident in everything you do. You’ll feel confident because you know how to do everything already and you’ve already had proven success. That’s not how it actually works because as soon as you figure something out you’ll already be onto the next thing you’ve never done before. Listen to today’s episode to learn how to confidently do things you don’t know how to do yet. In This Episode You’ll Learn:   The mindset shift that will grow your confidence quickly The sneaky ways we stay stuck in other people’s strategy Reasons you shouldn’t gather confidence from your results What to focus on to grow your confidence   Featured In The Episode: Perfectionists Getting Shit Done - group coaching program FREE Planning Workshop Episode 107: What To Do When Your Loved Ones Don’t Believe In You Episode 206: 3 Reasons You Shouldn't Get A Coaching Certification Earl Nightingale - The Strangest Secret Brené Brown on FFTs         Join us in Perfectionists Getting Shit Done If you enjoy listening to this podcast, I highly recommend joining my group coaching program Perfectionists Getting Shit Done.  When you become a member of our community, you’ll get instant access to my proven process for building a full-time coaching business without getting laughed at. It’s called the Full-Time Formula and it’s all yours, alongside our coaching calls, courses and PGSD Private Podcast, as soon as you sign up.  Join our group coaching program today at samlaurabrown.com/membership

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