Ep 129: Should You Work From A To-Do List, Planner or Calendar?

There’s nothing a perfectionist loves more than planning - it’s a great way to feel productive without feeling vulnerable. But this affinity for vague or overly ambitious plans tends to leave us stuck. In this episode, I’m sharing how to become a better planner and the practical step-by-step process that will help you do it. I’m also talking about planning tools, walking you through exactly what I use and revealing the biggest mistakes that perfectionists make with planning. I hope you find it helpful! In This Episode You’ll Learn: Exactly how I plan my time and the tools I use to do it The biggest mistakes that perfectionists make with planning How to tell when you’re procrasti-planning Why planning is so tedious and what to do about it How to avoid overwhelm when you’re planning your week Why I prefer to use a digital calendar over a paper planner Featured In The Episode: Canvast Yearly Planner Episode 261 of The Life Coach School Podcast: Throw Away Your To-Do List

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