Ep 106: Answering Your Questions About How To Change Your Self-Image

I love teaching ambitious women how to use their identity to create change, and in this episode I’m sharing some of my best advice with you! Tune in to discover why you keep sabotaging your success and how to create an identity that will pull you towards your goals.   I first talked about this in Episode 26 of the podcast and since it’s always one of my most popular episodes, I’m answering the most commonly asked questions I get about how to change your self-image. I hope you enjoy it!   In This Episode You’ll Learn:   What self image is and why it’s so powerful Whether to create a general self-image or one that’s more specific The wording you must use when creating a new self-image My best advice on how to create long-term change that lasts How to uplevel everyday habits using your self-image The key to changing your self-image for good   Featured In The Episode:   Figure Your Life Out - Join the waitlist here Get Out Of Your Own Way - join the waitlist here 1:1 Coaching Services Episode 26: The Power of Self-Image Episode 97: How To Upgrade Your Habits Using Personal Rules Tom Bilyeu’s Youtube channel Tom Bilyeu compilation of his Top 50 Rules of Success

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