Ep 53: Life Update September 2018

In this episode, I’m sharing how I’ve been dealing with the negative podcast reviews I’ve been receiving and the shame that’s brought up. I’m also chatting about money mindset, the book that’s helped me uplevel my money game and the work I’ve been doing this month to feel more abundant. And I give an update on how I’m tracking with my goals. I hope it helps you! And if you haven’t signed up for Get Out Of Your Own Way yet, make sure you do! You’ll get my mini-course for master procrastinators as well as the new version of the course when it comes out (valued at $149+) and my bonus Productivity Masterclass For Procrastinators (valued at $99). You can learn more and sign up at samlaurabrown.com/courses. But registration is closing at midnight (EDT) on 30 September 2018 which means there’s only a few hours left before the course closes and the bonuses disappear forever!

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