Kara Robinson Chamberlain: Surviving a Serial Killer.

Kara Robinson Chamberlain was kidnapped by a serial killer. Yes. You read that correctly. At 15, she was abducted by a serial killer, escaped AND helped authorities capture the man who kidnapped her. This horrific experience could traumatize anyone. But you’re going to hear how Kara escaped, how she not only survived and helped authorities capture this man but how she has transformed this nightmare into strength, and what she’s ultimately grateful for.

Now, Kara is out in front, spreading hope, encouragement to other survivors and to remind them they can heal—and they are stronger than what has happened to them.

This is a remarkable story of survival, composure and courage.

Find out what Kara’s learned that is universal and can help you in your life YOUR life, regardless of your situation.

Kara’s website: https://www.kararobinsonchamberlain.com/

Kara’s twitter: https://twitter.com/KR_Chamberlain

Kara’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kararobinsonchamberlain/?hl=en

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